Reaching All People

We believe that the gospel should be shared will all people, every race, every nation. We equip our churches through Cultural Intelligence Workshops and providing demographic studies.

All People Principles

  • We are all Nations - The Church represents their community.
  • We are all Equals - The Church eliminates discrimination.
  • We are all Different - The Church celebrates diversity.
  • We are all Significant - The Church allows all to have a place on the table.
  • We are all Family - The Church is creative, open, and inclusive.

Steps to become a more multicultural church:

  1. Acknowledge and recognition of diversity in the community.
  2. Oneness is embraced.
  3. Make necessary institutional & governing changes in the church.
  4. All people flourishing and represented.

If your church is interested in our workshops please contact Alex Rivero.

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